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A capture manager is engaged to win an opportunity and must have a full understanding of the opportunity, the strengths and weaknesses of your company and your competition in responding to the Government’s requirements, and the risks and costs of competing and winning. It requires strong leadership in the development of a solution, and the continuous positioning with the Government stakeholders and potential partners. The capture manager has to continuously keep your corporate leadership team apprised of the progress, issues, and costs of pursuing this opportunity. To accomplish all of this, the development and implementation of a Capture Plan is critical. AdvantEdge Group supports Capture Management efforts to include:

  • Call plans
  • Win strategies
  • Opportunity summaries
  • Customer analyses
  • Competitor assessments
  • Company assessments
  • Teaming strategies
  • High-level proposal solutions
  • Price-to-win strategies
  • Risk assessments
  • Resource plans
  • Business potential

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Capture Management