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Proposal Development

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

Graphic design and desktop publishing are critical in how evaluators will literally see your proposal, from the cover to the individual graphics that support your message. AdvantEdge Group graphics designers and desktop publishers have the experience and skill to develop graphics that create the right vision for your proposal, by:

  • Developing and maintaining proposal templates
  • Optimizing page real estate on page-limited proposals
  • Establishing the color palette for the proposal
  • Designing proposal cover
  • Developing exhibits and graphics in accordance with agreed upon style and ensuring consistency
  • Collaborating with proposal team members to identify graphics for reuse and to conceptualize new graphics
  • Incorporating into the proposal content tables, graphs, graphics, diagrams, and charts
  • Developing and updating graphics development timeline and resource requirements
  • Developing and managing graphics logs
  • Ensuring version control of graphics in proposal documents
  • Formatting proposal documents
  • Ensuring that edited text and graphics are incorporated into the master document
  • Assisting in the production of documents

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